DC eats & recap

hello hello, happy hump day! We just got to one of the coffee shops here in town, No power and tons of trees are down including in our yard, eeek! Hopefully it comes on later.

I’m linking up with Jenn, sharing our D.C. Eats!

We we’re only there for 2 1/2 days, but still lots of fun things to do and eat. If you missed Monday’s post– here’s what we did on Sunday.

Our first dinner there was Mexican theme, all time favorite. My aunt & uncle did such a nice presentation with everything. From the taco salad, burritos, lettuce wraps & Mexican wine. Perfect lame game Super Bowl Sunday dinner.



Monday was our touristy day 😀 Before heading into the city, we enjoyed coffee & breakfast. I enjoyed some fage greek 2% with strawberries, pb & a few nuts.



We drove all over the city seeing the monuments, my uncle did a great job being a tour guide!{ it was a rainy day outside so we drove to most} Plus we visited the Natural History & American History museums.

sight seeing fuel { good thing we stopped by WF } 😉

untitled (18)



{ I loved seeing Julia child’s kitchen & all the different animals }

Once we were done with the two museums, we had one more stop in mind 😉 but we needed something in our bellies first. We walked over to Clyde’s of Gallery Place for a bite. George & I agreed to split a salad and a burger. Great place, something for everyone!



After dinner.. we took a spin to see monuments lite up at night and ….  a visit to GEORGETOWN CUPCAKE!!!!


{happy as a clam 😉 }

We finished our Monday night with cupcakes and the rest of our first second trip to wholefoods ..which by the way I think we created a monster with George. He is now in love with their waffle cookies.

The rest of the evening was spent with lots of laughs, talking & all being on the couch : )

Tuesday morning we woke up to my uncle making some scramble eggs and more of that delicious whole foods coffee. We lingered around for awhile, until it was time to hit the road. We wanted to be back by rush hour/ ALL THIS bad weather!!!


Short trip, but packed with lots of new memories and packed stomachs 🙂 Can’t wait to revisit again!

Have you ever been to DC? Favorite sight?

Alrigty, time to catch up on a few blogs & save some of this battery.
Stay safe and warm ❤


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11 thoughts on “DC eats & recap

  1. Looks like you hit all the good spots! I went with my family years ago and we did all the touristy things. I went again in fall, hitting up monument mile, Julia’s kitchen of course, and a 10k along the water and Lincoln memorial. My favorite memorial is the WWII though. Love those cupcakes!

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