Buns & abs workout

Hello hello, happy weekend!

This week flew by, {for me it seemed} our weekend trip is already here, we leave for DC on Sunday morning. I’m excited to visit my aunt + uncle and be touristy! 😉

My sister & I have had a weekly gym date. I love it. I never used to like “partner” workouts, maybe because when I was younger when my friends and I went to the Y to “workout” all we did was stand there and talk… nope, we get to work now! Striving for progress 🙂 not perfection.

We both have been working on our booty’s, while incorporating more squats. This week our Tuesday gym date looked like this:

Photo: When in doubt. Go work out!
I felt it Wednesday and yesterday, score! Love that feeling 😉

I am off to go pack, laundry & other odds and ends. Have a happy weekend, I’ll talk to you next week<3
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