Thinking out loud 1/30

It’s time for another thinking out loud post!  ’cause that’s what Thursdays are for. Typing whatever comes to mind.. and I share with you 😉


1. I was seriously mesmerized by Beyoncé & jayz performance the other night, I think I watched their performance a few too many times. They are such a power couple and can see their love / support for each other.

2. Seriously! does anyone want to hire me for this? will start ASAP.
True that.

3. Planning my birthday every year is just stressful. I want to accommodate for everyone, make sure its a good place, etc. … it drives me nuts! it’s just a birthday, I don’t know why I get so bent outa shape.

4. The past 2 weeks I’ve eaten more meat than ever, well expect that time I was in Greece 😉 I could probably go weeks with out any chicken, steak, beef & so on. I’ve never been a “steak & potato’s” kinda girl, but I’ve added lean meats to my diet. Especially since I have felt “fatigued” Food is fuel, and I need iron straight from the source.

{meat on meat on meat on meat}

5. ..I’ve enjoyed a small glass of wine each night, it’s so relaxing and helps me sleep! why didn’t I drink more red wine before?

6. I’ve had the worsttttttt canker sore for a few days. The fact that I was eating lots of long hots is probably what prolonged it from going away. Thank god it’s on its way to healing.

7. Last night I took one of those baths where you relax, shave, exfoliate, lotion, the works! Man, did I feel like a new person or what!

8.I really hope we get to go to Georgetown cupcakes while in DC. I am a cupcake queen and need to try the best!
Lemon Berry

Thanks Amanda for the link up! go see what everyone else is thinking 😉
have a great day!

What are you thinking out loud?!


14 thoughts on “Thinking out loud 1/30

  1. I really enjoy eating meat but typically only eat it in the evening. Except today there is turkey burger in my salad, haha “oops”! Always good to switch things up tho. I am totally the same way about my bday, I tend to focus too much on making other people happy. But it’s YOUR birthday man. Go where you wanna go and do what you wanna do! Oh red wine. I may be having some tonight!

  2. Kanker sores are the absolute WORST. I always end up biting mine and then it gets worse.. the last time I had one I put salt on it – I’m not 100% sure if it sped up the healing or not but I was willing to try anything.. HAHA I love your honesty about the glass of wine, definitely helps me wind down and it just makes me feel SO happy 🙂

    • they are the worst! I tried the salt too, man did that sting! It said t avoid spicy foods.. so I am gnna try that for a few days!

      Red wine is SO relaxing, I passed out the other night when my friend slept over while having a glass! party animal 😉

  3. I know what you mean about birthdays! It’s tough to try to make it special for everyone (I’m such a people pleaser I just want them to have fun) even though it’s your day! Good luck 🙂

  4. I was veggie for about 4 years before having to add meat back into my diet because of big issues with fatigue. I’m not crazy about it, but I can’t deny that it definitely makes me feel better. And if you find any positions open for drinking coffee and designing things all day, let me know — that would be amazing 😀

    Happy Thursday, Cait!

  5. Their performance was incredible! I also really liked the simplicity of Taylor Swift’s song. But then again, I kinda am in love with her so anything she does is perfect to me hahah ;).

    Coffee and designing all day? That sounds fantastic haha! Sign me up!

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