MIMM: back to back birthdays!

Man back to back birthdays are fun but, oh so FILLING. I think I’m still full! This weekend we celebrated Oliver & my dad’s birthday! lot’s and lot’s of sweets. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well ❤

Time to link up with Katie to share some marvelous things on the Monday morning!

Oliver’s first birthday was the very hungry caterpillar theme, too cute!
{my sister did such a great job with the food, decorations & details!
of course I made our favorite birthday treat. cupcake brownies!}


..Later Saturday night, I ended up having to go to work for a little. Meanwhile Larissa and George hung out until I got done. But since it snowed, work wasn’t busy & was home by 730. Just in time for wine, George’s cooking + red box! #perfectnight

Of course our three’s company ended up in a fun sleep over, like our old days! but passed out by 12 { party animals }

Sunday the marvelous continued where Larissa and I got up and went to the local bagel shop for pre Brunch “snack” & coffee. Then it was off to brunch with the fam.

We ended up splitting a smoked gouda & portabella omelet , pancakes & enchiladas! when you cant decide.. splitting is always the best idea 😉

  1. IMG_9109
    & more cake!

    … Happy birthday boys!

    Sunday evening ended with a little vino, episode of the kardashians + writing this post 😉
    unnamed (4)

    Brunch person? all the way! so many options!
    have a great Monday! unfortunately, we have to attend a viewing today 😦 so  sending good vibes out the universe ❤
    Piece of Cait on facebook now!

15 thoughts on “MIMM: back to back birthdays!

  1. Brownie cupcake? GENIUS! I just adore brownies, they definitely trump cupcakes. I love splitting dishes at any meal but brunch is a great time to do it so you can get a carby dish and a more protein/veggie dish too! 🙂

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