Snow day & .. Currently { january addition }

Happy humpday! Maybe it’s even better since your off from work/ school if your in the area.. got tons of snow yesterday! It started around 9 AM & by 11 roads we’re awful. It took me 2.5 hours to get home when it should have been 30 mins.

Once home safe & sound, we went for lunch, took naps & cooked dinner  AND shoveling is no joke.. what a workout 😉



Here’s what’s currently happening, as of January

Current book: Crazy Sexy Diet. I’ve been reading a chapter a night & so far very informative!

current music:  XO – Beyoncé

Current guilty pleasure: Pinning away at night-time for Jenna’s bridal shower. So fun!

Current nail color: au natural & you don’t know Jaques on toes 🙂
OPI You Dont Know Jacques

current drink: dirty chai latte .. favorite.

current food: Banana

current obsession: Finding out how to make a playlist on youtube for the gym.

current wish: that I could snap my fingers and be on an island. or better yet, Florida in march!

current need: getting my hair recolored.. thank god doing it today! #hotmess

current triumph: having my first post grad interview yesterday & went well! Not a full-time job, but an internship with some of the things I’m interested it : )

Current bane of my existence: nothing I can think of at this very moment!

current indulgence: Drinking this yummy chai latte.

Current procrastination: Getting my licensed renewed. MUST DO before February 15th for birthday.

Current blessing: my family, maybe cliché, but at the end of the day.. they are the ones who continue to support me & believe in me.

current excitement: looking forward to DC in early February! My birthday! & FLORIDA. HEYYYY
Are u?

current mood: Ready to tackle the day

current link: bloglovin & pinterest what else is new?

What’s your current read/ favorite song?

Current indulgence?

Enjoy your day, xo


20 thoughts on “Snow day & .. Currently { january addition }

  1. I have been loving the song, Pompeii. Seriously I sing it aloud when I hear it on pandora (no fear New Yorkers, I’m here to sing to you!) 😉 These are oh so fabulous and make me happy 🙂 Yay for pinterest and planning for warm summer!

  2. I go in and out with my pinterest addiction. Usually I stick to food porn but my boyfriend is upset that I don’t seem to be engaged in decorating our new apartment (I’m not haha) so I told him I’d start a pinterest board. It’s supposed to be for show because I have ZERO interest in interior design, but now I’m starting to like looking at pictures of beautiful homes. Oh pinterest why are you the black hole of my life?!?!

  3. You are making me want a chai latte really bad!! My current indulgence is just eating peanut butter. I get on PB kicks every once in a while and just try to put it on everything (I thought about putting it on chicken….don’t judge me….). Ah, pinterest. That site can easily take up 5 hours of my time haha so I try to stay away while I’m in school.

  4. You totally just made me crave a chai latte! Or a dirty chai latte aka with a shot of espresso. Mmm.
    I love that nail color for my hands and have totally used it before. I try never to repeat an OPI color but that one is worth a repeat methinks.
    Have you ever considered going to a nearby AAA office to get your license renewed? You don’t have to be a member to do it there, and it’s only $2 or so extra. TOTALLY worth it! Less lines and they even gave me a few takes of my pic!

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