Treat yourself: DIY lavender scrub

Hi there! I meant to share this with you after Christmas but time got away!

For Christmas, part of Courtney’s gift { home made “birchbox” with makeup & Sephora gift card } I also threw in a homemade gift. A lovely lavender DIY scrub. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with this scent. So calming, tranquil & relaxing!

I love Becky’s treat yourself posts, thought this scrub would be great to share!

During the winter it’s also very important to take care of your skin, it can become dry & dull.
Insert, lavender sea salt scrub 🙂 I also made myself one.. instant relaxation!

You probably already have all the ingredients , just need some lavender essential oil.

Sea salt
Raw sugar
Lavender esstinal oil
Olive oil
& a jar

All the measurements really depend on the size of your jar, I used a small mason jar that’s the perfect size.

Fill your jar up with a mixture of salt + sugar. once you measure, dump that back out & mix with olive oil, until coarse.
Depeding on your preference. Drop the lavender oil into the mixture. { I did about 10 drops }
Stir all together { for additional } dried lavender.
Packge it up, use, & feel relaxed.

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How did you treat yourself this week?

14 thoughts on “Treat yourself: DIY lavender scrub

  1. This sounds so decadent. I kind of want to draw a bath right now! 😉 I have all of the ingredients besides the essential oil, do you know where I can find that?

    • Bubble baths are my favorite!
      I found mine at Marshall’s actually ! Random find! I had called whole foods prior asking if they have some. Which they did 🙂 but the Marshall’s one was a lot cheaper too.

  2. How awesome – I’ve never made a scrub, but I have a tub in my new home so I will finally get to bathe (not shower) in 1.5 months!

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