Thinking out loud 1/16

It’s time for another thinking out loud post. I love these! I wasn’t going to write anything today & than random thoughts I was having kept popping up.. so here we go : ) thanks Amanda for this weekly post!

1. I’m starting to see Valentines day things start popping up around every store. Including my favorite { target } which also means my birthday is right around the corner as well!  BIG 2-4

2. Decisions, decisions. I’m at a point where I need to get my hair done again. While I loved the reddish these past few months I am not a fan of always getting my roots done. I am low maintenance so it’s such a task. I either need to a) continue to dye it to the reddish-brown or b) back to natural while trying bayalge. Thoughts?!

3. I am trying something new, writing down my workouts! I usually wing it & try to remember, but I want to log my progress and my routines. This way can remember the weights used & progress to higher weights when ready. #liftheavy

4. I am loving all the semi annual sales going on. GAP + VS this week. Cute sweater for 13$ and a sports bra that was orgialnnly 45 for 15$ what a steal 😀

5. I truly believe if you put out positivity into the world, you will receive right back.
Just gotta send out the good vibes :)
More on that later next week.. fingers crossed.

6. I am loving partner workouts lately. Whether with George or Cassidy. It truly is much more motivating, especially during these winter months. Working on that booty 😉

and that’s all that’s currently running through my mind.
–> your turn! what are you thinking out loud today?

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Happy almost WEEKEND<3


12 thoughts on “Thinking out loud 1/16

  1. I love reading these posts from everyone. Little tidbits are so fun to check out. However I feel like I differ from a lot of your thoughts today! I tend to not log my workouts because it can just be triggering for me. I put them on my iPhone calendar and tweet them on DailyMile and even that I can get anal about. Anything I get obsessive over can lead to bad things so I try not to journal – not since I kept a very restrictive food intake journal back in the day. I am also not a fan of partner workouts; the gym is my me-time. I like to just zone out and not talk to anyone #sorrynotsorry haha but I do see partner workout routines in magazines sometimes that look fun! I used to hate taking fitness classes where the teacher asked us to find a partner or group up.
    I love your hair in that photo you posted! Whichever option that is, do that. 😛

    • I love these types of posts too! 🙂

      I have never written workouts down but I always seem to forget what I do and when, so I am trying to keep constancy. I totally can see how those are trigging! ME time at the gym is one of the best things, music, head phones & tuning out. Greatest feeling!

      My hair was ombre here, and loved the way it looked when curly! I am thinking it’s time to go back to it 🙂

  2. Love that thought about sending positivity into the world — so true, and definitely something I’ve been trying to practice more of lately. And I was actually just in the store the other day eyeing some cute Valentine’s cards. I was this |___| close to picking up a box of Snoopy ones, and it seriously got me missing the days when I was in grade school and we’d give em out to all the kids.

    As for your hair, the red is gorgeous, but I feel you on not wanting to keep up with maintenance. I stopped dyeing my hair years and years ago, and it’s definitely been nice not to have to keep up with my roots.

  3. Love the positive quote! I know that how I act and how I think affects those around me and how they may or may not judge me. Soooo, in turn I try to block out negativity and turn it around 🙂

  4. I love that you created your own workout log. I also love your hair – that’s coming from a girl with totally boring straight hair that does nothing…

  5. Agreed!! I notice that same thing with myself, if I think positive, then nothing bad happens. Whether it be the universe, or because of my outlook, I’ll take it ;). Hmmm if you want low maintenance, go with balayage! And great idea with the workout journal!! I could probably use doing that haha! Have a great weekend 🙂

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