Hibernation mode weekend

Happy Monday friends, hope you all had a good weekend!

this weekend was low key and very wintry! snow, freezing temps + ice! So, to me that means hibernation mode. If I wasn’t at work, I was cozy in pjs! Especially because of my new pink thermal pjs, I want to wear them ALL day.

Friday we woke up to lot’s of snow, but ventured out for a little while!





{^^ my new favorite breakfast-
waffles, almond butter, yogurt, mix my own + fruit, ah great combo!^^}

Sunday we wanted to head out and have breakfast, it was actually still really icy out, that we went up the street to a local place to eat.
For being indecisive, the “G buster” is always a good choice! 2 eggs, 2 {chocolate chip} pancakes, sausage, bacon + toast!


I went into work for a little, but ended the night with a yogurt bowl + watching into the wild. And cozy in my pink PJs 😉

& there’s that hibernation weekend in a nutshell.
How many more days still spring ?!

Have a marvelous Monday, stay warm! I’m off to the mall with my mama + Cassidy, Still have some giftcards to use from Christmas 😀
xo C
MiMM MIMM #80 Sister Birthday + More!

16 thoughts on “Hibernation mode weekend

  1. OH my gosh this looks fabulous! I used to hibernate even in California but now that I’m in NY it will be pjs and hot cocoa time all the time 😉 Love that NOOSA yogurt but can’t seem to locate it here. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough. Happy Monday!

  2. your waffle breakfast looks amazing, wow! sorry it’s so cold! it even feels cold in CA, but not when i see those pics! XO


  3. Cute theater, cute cup of coffee, cute weekend! I haven’t seen “Into the Wild” yet and its been on my Netflix queue for so long!

  4. Love the picture of your cat looking out the window!! Love snow! Probably because it takes forever for it to get warm where I live, yesterday it was 71 degrees!! Today it’s I the 50’s. I’m just happy I finally feels like winter. But I could take some spring weather 😉

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