Constantly practice on making yourself better- not just in January

Hello and happy new year to you beautiful people!
Hope last night was fun for you! Last night my sister and I worked our third annual party for the same couple, had cupcakes & called it a night. this afternoon our gang is going to brunch yum!

// But, a quick rant. //

So, I know it’s the new year, new you, new lifestyle & healthier version of y o u. I love it, it’s wonderful and I am not bashing anyone. But, what gets me going is how people always say they are going to be starting TODAY { January 1st } but why not march 3rd? last night we over heard numerous women last night saying things like:
Think Big.. Start Small..

“I am eating all the carbs tonight since tomorrow I am starting my diet”

“I am going to eat a few more cookies since tomorrow my diet starts”

“Living it up tonight since I’m cutting all alcohol out”

“Tomorrow is my first workout!”
Everyday is a new day...
They are all great goals and very easy to accomplish. But when you say January 1st and use the phrase “I’m starting in the new year” I don’t think it always works. It only works if you want it to work & will only work if you start small. Cutting out everything leaves you with nothing and gets frustrating. I say start small and work to your goals.

I am never a big fan of resolutions, but much more small goals to practice. That way if I don’t succeed in one month, that goal can be carried into the next.

does anyone else get a little annoyed of this? I think it’s NEVER to late to start anew but when you limit yourself to a deadline of January 1st, I feel as if your limiting yourself for the year.

Constantly practice on making yourself better- not just in January.


6 thoughts on “Constantly practice on making yourself better- not just in January

  1. THANK YOU. I totally agree with this post. It’s why I don’t make resolutions. I know I won’t keep them, especially going in with that mentality. It just isn’t realistic! It’s better to focus on the big picture, such as “move more” instead of “I’m going to the gym x days a week”. That, or focusing on small goals that are achievable by the month that you can break down to be attainable. Just because today is the first day of a new year doesn’t mean it’s the only day to work on improving ourselves. If anything, starting today usually doesn’t end up lasting through the year because we forget about them.

    • Thank you for agreeing! Hate to bash on peoples resolutions but I wish they would understand they will achieve more if they don’t limit their selves for being so gong-ho for one month!

  2. This could not be more true! I find it easy to set resolutions in January because for me it feels like a clean slate but they’re generally smaller things like habits I want to break. In terms of health there is no reason to wait for the new year to get started. I love the quote “a year from now you’ll wish you started TODAY.” Words to live by. Thanks for this Cait!

    • I too set small goals, and love the idea of a fresh slate! I just got so erked when we over heard all those women saying that the 1st was their new plan! being healthy and happy should be a 365 kind of thing 🙂 I love that quote too!

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