Do less, do MORE 2014 *

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy + loving new year!
Happy New Year: 2014, Fireworks,Light

If your celebrating tonight, have fun! tonight i am working, but tomorrow the gang is going out for brunch! ❤  mmm mimosas!

This past year we welcomed our sweet nephew Oliver. Lot’s of beautiful weddings, celebrations & adventures! I hope 2014 is just as the same while doing it with my loved ones ❤

Do more:
self love
saying “i can”
good karma
become stronger
shut down at night time
find new hobbies
read, and just for fun
keep learning
become stronger
speak up when needed
save money
enjoy everyday moments
stress less
live more

what’s on your to do more list of 2014?!

have a happy new year, talk to you in 2014 *

year in review –> instagram video


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