MIMM: Cookie baking + Winterfest

Hey guys, happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! Today I am going to my last FINAL.. Wooo!!!
but before I do, wanted to share some marvelous pictures from the weekend. A coffee date with my mama, Christmas cookie baking + ice skating with my sisters!
MiMM MIMM #78 with Date Night In and Meeting Santa!

Friday morning I met my mom for coffee, as we discussed our cookie swap and baking she said “hold on one minute” ran out to her car and gave me a cookie scoop!  I was so excited and used it right away .. oh the little things!IMG_8065
🙂  Double chocolate chunk cookies with andies mints! YUM.

Saturday, it snowed again. I had to work and it was probably a bad decision to volunteer and be the one to go in… it was D E A D. When I arrived home I wrote all the Christmas cards, just need to send them out!


Sunday, my sisters, brian + I headed down to Philly to the Winterfest. There was ice skating, hot chocolate, pop up stores + more! We haven’t been ice skating in so long.. so it was pretty funny the first few times around 😉




The rest of sunday was low key and relaxing. More Christmas tunes, decorating of the tree and some more baking.
I’ll share this week!

Hope you had a splendid weekend!

Did it snow where you lived?
Do you write Christmas cards or send out pictures?

If you missed Friday’s DIY Christmas post– check it out! Christmas is 9 days away!

8 thoughts on “MIMM: Cookie baking + Winterfest

  1. Yum!! Andes mints are the best! Love that picture of you and your sisters and Brian!! Good luck on your final today! You’re going to rock it :). I spent the weekend just relaxing and soaking in the feeling of “Oh, it’s break finally”. Now I have to get busy and start cleaning and organizing since I pretty much put it off all semester haha

  2. I adore your braids and cute white hat at the Winterfest. And I’m not just saying that because I have a similar white hat! I’m not a fan of mint cookies but whatever that coconut creation is looks fantastic. Excited for you to share it! That Christmas tree card is adorable. I’m a sucker for a good card, no matter what the occasion.

    • I am not the biggest fan of mint either! but I promise they were good. I will share later this week with the coconut.. 🙂 so yum!!!! I love wearing little hats in the winter! A lot of people think cass and I are twins we get it all the time, you should we us at work 🙂 I am thinking of possibly going blonde is the summer!

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