Elf 4 Health: Round II

Hey guys! hope your staying warm if you’re getting hit with some snow. Sunday was our first snow fall of the season and today has brought some more which meant I got a snow day and classes we’re canceled. YAY, but also.. I was hoping to take care of my first set of finals, so now just waiting to hear when they are rescheduled.

Back to sleep for some of us 😉
* * *

I wanted to check in and share about ELF4HEALTH: If you haven’t heard about its it’s a 6 week program where each person is partnered up with another person elf to keep one another accountable during the holiday season. How cute is that?! And smart! Lindsay and Elle created this and I think its such a good idea.
version3edited Elf for Health Holiday Challenge

I didn’t partake in round I since I was late to signing up { what else is knew 😉 } but ready for part II + III!
Take a look at the challenges:
challengesquare edited 1 Elf for Health

I love these! So perfect and such a great way to remember what the holiday season is all about… gratitude, paying it forward, make a donation and also treating and loving yourself! With help from your elf along the way 🙂 Which I was able to meet last night {over email of course, and is lindays’s mother in law!} What’s an elf duties? WELL

As an Elf, you are expected to support your assigned buddy with their holiday health goals and the daily challenges. Elves & buddies will be reassigned every 2 weeks. You are only asked to email your buddy 2 times per week:

  • Monday: Send your buddy an email to help them with the challenges for that week. Ideas of things to include/attach: your own personal tips & tricks, inspiring words and/or images, a new, healthy recipe or workout to try.
  • Thursday – Saturday: Any time during these days, check in withy you buddy! For example, ask them if they tried a new recipe, workout, or had fun with any certain challenges. Feel free to tell them how you did with your challenges, too!

**Note: you do not need to be a blogger to do this. Grab a friend, partner or significant other to do these challenges with you!

Want more info? –> check out Lindsay or elle’s blog for more info, search the hashtag #elf4health to see what others are doing!

footer Elf for Health

Hope you join!

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7 thoughts on “Elf 4 Health: Round II

  1. I like part 3 a lot!! This definitely sounds like a great way to keep up with being healthy over the holiday season. I could never do this though hahaha call me a rebel, but whenever I ‘have’ to do something, I will not do. I’m just stubborn and don’t like being told what to do. Your cat’s adorable btw 🙂

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