MIMM: First snow, red cups + coziness!

How about that for a title for todays post?

This weekend officially felt like Christmas time. Between the crowds at the mall, holiday décor, {our first snow!}, seasonal finds and drinks, plus a fire = the perfect way to welcome this cold but blessed time of year.

Friday George and I started some Christmas shopping fueled by starbies 🙂 I must say.. I did see something’s for myself .. >>  hello VS sports wear!, Saturday decorated some more & made dinner and Sunday was a study/snow day!

I cant say I love the winter.. I know I’m a valentines baby {well 15th!} but, winter hasn’t been my favorite. or maybe its jus the cold part, cause I love me some Christmas cookies, peppermint mochas + driving around looking at lights!

>> Here are some marvelous weekend pics! <<

Thanks Katie for creating such a fun way to start a Monday!<3

I’ll spare you with ONE red cup picture, since I had one in hand everyday 😉
peppermint mocha, yum.

cute little mixers at , lovin all the colors!

XMAS trees

Home made turkey burgers 🙂

decking the halls

Food prepping

I love Mr. Gatsby 🙂
Cozy fire

Kouros, tasty greek wine.

& .. the first snow

Tell me about your weekend, what was your highlight?
 Are you a winter person?

have a happy day, xo

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19 thoughts on “MIMM: First snow, red cups + coziness!

  1. They make the best peppermint mochas!! I absolutely love winter! Probably because it’s hot all the time here and I just want cold, my body just functions better in it. I ❤ all the kitchen aid mixers! I don't think I'll ever decide on a color haha.

  2. That fire + wine looks AMAZING. I love trying Greek wines! Did all that good stuff in that bowl go into your turkey burgers? Dayum homegirl that sounds absolutely AMAZING. Is that feta I see? I love feta in all kinds of burgers!
    I’m dying to see “Gatsby” – I love Leo and Baz! I made myself wait til I read the book and by the time I did the movie was out of theaters. Gotta get around to watching it on DVD!

    • All that good stuff went in! and of course feta! George is Greek.. so he’s greek ways really rub off on me 😉 we have a HUGE bucket of feta in our fridge.

      You should totally see the movie.. I mean.. LEO can do no wrong<3

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