Thursday Thoughts: Do you “sink” into yourself?

A little Thursday thought:

Do you ever hide from yourself? or do you fill up in all your space and are proud of you who you are? I guess it’s kind of double edge sword. There maybe a time in class when you may get called on and sink into your chair, into yourself because you feel unsure. Or, are you so proud to be you {which is good thing} but sometimes let the ego get in the way.

I never thought about this until last night when I attended a yoga class and we worked on eagle pose. or, what they would call in Buddhism. Garuda.

The pose looks like this: You may have done it before- but a little story behind it..Eagle pose. Tree pose. You-just-nailed-it pose. You flow in and out of each stance while expanding and then curling back into yourself.
LONG story short, There was a time when Garuda’s mother had lost a bet and was sentenced to be a slave. So to get to her back he had a shrink real small, jump in and out of the fire and save her. Which he did and became the new hero.

It made me think about it apply the eagle pose to my daily life and the outcome is, I feel like I CURL INTO myself way to much. Instead of feeling confident in whatever it is, I always second guess myself and don’t give myself enough credit. Our bodies, are meant to expand and swell up with enlightenment. It made me realize that I really need to use my confidence to the best ability, The next time someone gives a compliment, or I’m presenting something or even speaking my mind. I will try a little more not to sink into myself.
Be confident

If you think about it which part of the pose are you? Do you not give yourself enough credit or are you always proud?

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Do you “sink” into yourself?

  1. This post is awesome because I can totally relate. I just love Eagle Pose also!
    But I so often find myself wishing I could sink into myself and make my body smaller. I keep my stomach sucked in, I draw my arms close to my body and hunch up my shoulders towards my ears when I feel anxious/tense. It really feels great to let everything flow and release – reminds me of the feeling of the body moving in the water. But I tend to stay stiff and held in because I want to be compact. Definitely something I have to work on.

  2. I’m a little of both I think. But honestly it depends on the day and how I’m feeling. Some days I overthink everything I do, then others I don’t think at all and just blurt whatever comes to mind haha

  3. Beautiful post! I definitely have my days where I go through bouts of self doubt and lack confidence. I love how you relate it to “sinking in to yourself” and will do my best to expand outwards whenever I feel those moments of insecurity!

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