MIMM: a happy thanksgiving <3

Hey there! long time no talk 😉
It’s time to slowly come back from the weekend and get ready for a new week.
Hope you had a great holiday spent with your loved ones and ready for new meals for the week, I finally polished off all the turkey last night. I love the holidays and being around the people who make my world go round but I don’t like how sluggish I get. Anyone else!?
Today I am back to normal eats but definitely going to incorporate some extra water + greens this week!

Lets back track a bit, Wednesday I had spent time in the kitchen prepping for Thursday: Peanut butter pie and a butternut squash salad with a warm apple cider dressing.
Later in the evening, my sister and my friend Jenna hit out the town for a few hours. Started with dinner and live music!

{ Wings, bruschetta + classic ceaser }
Around 10 pm the boys had joined us!
{ Me + my NEWEST brother in law 😉 }

It’s always fun to go out thanksgiving eve ~ We ended the night coming home and re heating one to many stuffed peppers!

Thursday we finished some last-minute things and headed to my moms for dinner. It was a special thanksgiving since finally all the girls in the fam are married AND Oliver’s first!
{Oliver with his uncles}
{some of the spread}

{he is now a crawling machine 🙂 }


After dinner we played games, had dessert and then got ROLLED out of my moms, haha 😉

The remainder of the weekend was low-key. I didn’t feel well Friday, so I took it easy as well as Saturday!
Sunday, we went out for a late lunch, saw a bit of the game + I spent the rest of the night at Starbucks doing school work <— 2. more. weeks !

…. Another thanksgiving in the books<3

 >> Oh, and Oliver was very entertained by my bun..
check this instagram video out, instant SMILE 😀 <<

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14 thoughts on “MIMM: a happy thanksgiving <3

  1. Looks like a great time. Thanksgiving eve is always big doins’ in our city, probably one of the busiest nights of the year.

    I’ve gotten nice runs in the last two nights so I am back on the horse. Now.. we just need to figure out what to do with all of this turkey.

  2. Oh Oliver what a cute little name! I love when little babies have “man” names like that one, or Walter. Too sweet. Glad to see you had baby cabbages served at your Thanksgiving table! You’re gorgeous!

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