Always something to be grateful for<3

Happy thanksgiving everyone, wish you a day of food, comfort + loved ones {and food comas!}
Today and everyday we should all be grateful. But thanksgiving is a sure reminder to come together and be with the ones you love over a good meal, and conversation.
always an abundance of things to be thankful for.

>> Here’s how I am thankful today and everyday <<

Thankful for not only my family, but the crazy support they give me daily. When you have hopes, dreams and bad days- they lift me up.

Thankful for my sisters daily. I talk to them everyday about anything and everything. Nothing like group therapy for free 😉

Thankful for George, he makes me realize life’s short and it’s meant to be enjoyed, thank you for that ❤

Thankful for chocolate. Thank you for coming in many different sizes, flavors and making my taste buds happy.

Thankful for for coffee. Yes I AM. Nothing beats a good cup of coffee

Thankful for learning new things which open new doors

Thankful for my body and everything it allows me to do: downward dogs + running, thank you.

Thankful for rainy days, sometimes you just need em.

Thankful for friendship.  They accept you for all that you are. Crazy or not 😉

Thankful for  this BLOG. It has helped me grow ALOT in just a short amount of time, meeting people and learning from one another, it’s pretty awesome<3

Thankful for days off, like today, to celebrate + be with everyone.

Have a wonderful day, xo
What are you grateful for?

Have a happy thanksgiving!

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