WIAW: Mood boosting smoothie

 Hi guys! Happy hump day/Wednesday / thanksgiving eve 🙂
I am feeling super ready for tonight + tomorrows festivities. Lot’s of goof things to look forward too. Friends, family + food!

This morning and yesterday I spent time in the kitchen to start prepping things for tomorrow. { Butternut squash salad + pb pie (attempt 2 since first pie curst broke} 😦
IMG_7711I think I’m on a sugar high right now! 🙂

This week I wanted to link up with Jenn over at peas and crayons for this mood boosting smoothie.
How many of you ever just feel like “BLAH” for no reason. {Hi! ME} Yep, this happens to be prior to that time of the month.
On Monday, before the salon, I literally layed in bed + did homework and wasn’t motivated for anything… I mean, how could I not be stoked to get to the salon and pamper myself. Insert –> mood boosting smoothie.

1/2 cup frozen berries
1 banana
1 c. vanilla almond milk
1 cup raw kale
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
1-2 tbsp. peanut butter
1 cup ice

Blend well, serve.

For that time of the month, or blah feeling, these ingredients are great. potassium from banana, greens for energy + cocoa/ chocolate = instant mood booster {it’s  a fact} 😀

Welp, going to go finish something’s + the girls are coming over tonight and heading out for some drinks!
Have a great thanksgiving!!!! ❤

How do you deal with those feelings?

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