10 ways to stay motivated this winter!

Hey hey! good morning to you all!
hope you’ve had a great week thus far, the weekend is on the horizon-

I wanted to share with you a few things that came to mind last night as I was almost about to skip out on yoga, I had to remember that I was committed and staying motivated. {I DID  go}

But how I so badly was so content in bed at 6 o’clock with Duncan. HA. ~  Something about being dark at 4pm makes me want to put on my jammies, hop into bed, eat dinner & fall asleep by 5! But I am doing my best not letting the darkness fool me. Here are some ways I’ve been trying to keep motivated even though putting on my jammies, hoping into bed, eating dinner & going to sleep sound oh-so delightful 😉

{ your killing me smalls }

>> Here are 10 ways to keep motivated this winter <<

1- Plan ahead: Lately I’ve been doing my best to have 2-3 rest days. This way I know that I should being moving my booty the other days. Some may plan ahead an actual work out, I tend to plan more “workout days”. Really helps!

2-Sign up for a class! Looking forward to a fun class seems a lot more motivating. Try something new, or something you enjoy. When you know you have an obligation to the class, it’s all the more likely you’ll go. Try: yoga, spin, zumba or boxing!
crow pose

3-Grab a partner: Someone who is going to motivate you and keep you accountable! It’s very easy to get unomoated in the dark cold winter months. I mean, it just sounds awful. Find someone who has the same interest in you & also a motivator! Cassidy & I have been pep talking wach other and hitting up yoga.
partner workout: sets-1 reps-10-12 rest-60 seconds

4-Don’t sit, walk: Walking is a great way to get your body moving. Don’t sit and watch TV, go to the gym and put on a show! I have done this countless times.. E News, kardashians, housewives. Walk for 30 mins!

5-Don’t sit, read: Just like #4, take your new magazine to the gym and read it there while riding the bike, ellepitcal or treadmill. Time will fly!

6-Update your playlist: Nothing gets me in the mood for running than some goods songs. Lately, loving Florence + the machine!
Winter 2012-13 Running + Workout Playlist. #FitFluential
>> Check out this one! via Housewife glamour <<

7-Sign up for something in the future: Marathon in the spring? Keep motivated and work towards your goals!

8-Bunddle up and do something f u n: ski, snowboard or ice skate. It’a a fun way to enjoy the winter but they are really great workouts!

9-One hour a day: This gets me really motivated on the days I dread to work out, think about it.. only one hour of your time to increase your health + body for the better. After that hour, you can return to doing it is what you were doing 😀
Devoting one hour a day will make you the best you can be. http://www.jeffreymarkell.com

10- and lastly… as nike would say: J U S T . D O . I T! you’ll thank yourself later.

How do you keep yourself motivated?
Anyone else feel like it’s hard to stay on track during the winter?


5 thoughts on “10 ways to stay motivated this winter!

  1. I actually don’t have a probably getting myself to workout. If I have to wake up early to workout, it’s always a little harder to keep myself moving, but I always make myself do it anyways. If I don’t my day is off the rest of the day, and it just feels weird haha. Plus if I don’t workout, I have way too much energy and won’t sleep. So those two things keep me pushing myself out the door or onto the treadmill 🙂

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