MIMM: Pics from the weekend : )

Good morning ~ Welcome back to Monday! hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was comforting and low key with some work thrown in there. Wine, food & rest! All great components for a wonderful weekend 🙂

>> Here are some marvelous snaps from the weekend <<

Marvelous is – this quote. practice this ❤

Marvelous is – Catching up with friends over wine.

Marvelous is – A beautiful fall Saturday morning

IMG_7410Marvelous is –Breakfast + coffee! my favorites

IMG_7411Marvelous is – A trip to the farmers market- got lots of new teas! 🙂

IMG_7418Marvelous is – George’s version of spaghetti carbonara
Marvelous is – enjoying that new Starbucks! ALOT! 😉

Not so marvelous, I gotta head over to school now and meet with my teacher for some extra help!
But hopefully after that, my Monday will continue to be fabulous!

Head over to Katie’s blog to see what else is marvelous!


12 thoughts on “MIMM: Pics from the weekend : )

    • I.can’t.wait.for.classes.to.be.done! haha, drinks all around!

      I love a good cup of coffee, that stinks you don’t have any fun flavors .. but on the flip side, thank god you have coffee! 😉

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