Hello November.

Good morning & hello November!

hello november ~ my favorite month :)

Hope you all had a great Halloween yesterday, whether it was handing out candy, participating in festivities or just relaxing on the couch with some take out!IMG_7226

<< My nephews first Halloween ~ cutest little pup!!! <<

As much as I love September, because of all the anticipation for fall. and October because well, pumpkin everything. I always really enjoy November just as much, if not more …  It’s more festive, more family time, more parties {so it seems} more fall things!!!

November is already looking very jam-packed:

Nov 4th – world café live  + dinner with friends
15th – mama’s birthday
 16th – amy & rich’s annual party
27th – thanksgiving eve festivities { whatever they maybe!}
28th – thanksgiving ❤

Seems like once a week we have something going on, which is great to look forward too! 🙂

I am already looking at something’s to bring to thanksgiving & a nice treat for the annual party. YUM!
Give thanks

Also this November, for myself I want to try too:

> Drink lemon water in the mornings prior to coffee. Lately seems like I forget about the water & my liquid is just caffeine… not complaining but I know my body needs more water.
> Switch up workouts as best as I can! Even something fun during the week with my sister, or George. It’s more fun!
> Focus on the last month of school – I know we have a lot of prior engagements coming up, but in-between must really focus on my last month!

Small things, but mean a big difference 😉

What are you looking forward to this November?!

Have a great weekend, xo

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2 thoughts on “Hello November.

  1. I’m happy it’s November too. Because Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October everything is already Christmas themed (as of 12:00AM today) but my family does American Thanksgiving because my Mom is American so I’m looking forward to that. Now I’m craving turkey…

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