Hello old friend .. AND hello halloween!

Last night I finally made it back to yoga.

After I leave a yoga class and being absence for awhile ..  I always think “why did I stop?” but truth be told, the days I can get to yoga it has seemed that I have always had another obligation- but last night .. my night was open. So my sister and I headed to class.


My instructor, Kate who I love { and she actually made fall in love with yoga } is out of town in Hawaii! so we opted for the earlier class & hatha yoga. That we could ease our way back into yoga with some good stretching and be home back in time for school work American horror story. 😉

Even with the light stretching, I felt already 100% better and even shaky! I am really hoping that Cassidy & I can do some sort of activity once a week together!

God, I missed yoga.

Oh and happy Halloween to all you weeines! 😉
What are your plans? I am seeing tons of treats on instagram & blogs- I had plans to make something but then Halloween just kind of showed up  … funny how that happens. OOPS!

BUT- I did try these last night.. pumpkin spice kisses, have you tried them yet?
I think these would taste great in some cookies! Defiantly going to get some and bake with them!

Try these for a healthy TREAT. No trick! 🙂
Chocolate chip pumpkin protein ballzzzzz

{Recipe can be found here}

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? – REESES!
Any plans for tonight? – I have to work, womp womp.

have a great day loves!

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