Treat Yourself Tuesday: the little things.

Hey ya’ll! Just popping in to share a Treat Yourself Tuesday post- hosted by my girl Becky! I did a post a few weeks ago & shared some new sneakers I treated myself too.. { god I love sneakers 😀 } but today is sharing the little things in life. I love the little things, to me they are the big things! I find myself treating myself to lot’s of small things all the time 😉
The little things mean the most
Here’s a few ways I treated myself the past few days:

Latte & a cappuccino. On Friday I treated my sister and I to some specialty coffee drinks! I always love catching up over coffee & fun coffees too! 🙂


Banana bread french toast ~ enough said..

Cupcakes! I have never tried crumbs bake shop and our mall has recently put in so many new stores including crumbs! I had to taste test!

Noting like ending the week & prepping for the new week with a bubble bath, candles & face mask.
If you can’t get to the spa.. do something nice for yourself at home! 🙂

Treat Yourself Tuesday Badge
Thanks Becky for reminding us to treat ourselves every once in awhile! Whether it’s something new or those little things 🙂

I was about to go for a walk with George, but my lady friend is here and it’s a killer :-(.. I am taking a time out & putting the heating pad on and resting before work. It’s so beautiful out too! But, what can ya do!

Hope your having a great Tuesday so far!


catch ya later !! xo

8 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: the little things.

    • I am a lover of cupcakes, so I am always trying new places. I would have to say, it was good but not my favorite? { got the job done lol } and I’ve always wanted to try Georgetown!! Its on my list 😉

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