MIMM: Scenes a working weekend.

Howdy! Happy Monday to you all  !!! Monday’s are always hard to come back to, so I’m always grateful if I am able to participate in Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday. Whether it’s something super marvelous like sharing last week’s beautiful pictures from Cassidy & Brian’s wedding, or more like today: scenes from a low key weekend { since I worked thurs- Sunday night  😦 lame-o } . Either way- there’s always something marvelous & grateful to share! Let’s get to it.

MiMM MIMM #71 Much Needed Time and Winners!

Due to the government shut down. The park was closed down for a few weeks- which meant I almost missed enjoying my favorite season there! MARVELOUS IS .. IT Finally re opened again!!!! … I was right back there to my favorite place on Friday with a nice 3 mile walk/ hike!

Marvelous is .. Ezekiel toast! I am loving this lately! Last week was whole grain, this week is sesame ❤

Marvelous is .. spending all day Saturday with this love bug while mommy & daddy were on their honeymoon. My mom & Oliver came over and spent the afternoon with me before I headed off to work. My mom and I got to eat yogurt bowls too! 😀 <– and by the looks of it.. so did Oliver 😉


{Side note- if you follow me on >>  instagram << and haven’t seen the video: check it out he is SO giggly!}

Marvelous is .. this yummy soup I ate 3 days in a row- will be sharing. It’s Greek, healthy, and hearty! PERFECT for fall!

Marvelous is .. cheetah leggings + a pumpkin muffin .. rawr 🙂


Marvelous is .. A Sunday morning spent at our favorite little spot.
Coffee, frittatas & parfaits!


Welp, that’s all she wrote. But today will continue to be marvelous with the fact that I’m going to go look at wedding dresses later this afternoon with Jenna! ~ I am so excited for her 🙂

Have an awesome day friends.

Have you tried Ezekiel bread yet?
Do you have a favorite little  breakfast spot that you like to go to?

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