Tuesday thoughts: Small changes mean everything

goooooooodafternoon! I just got back from class & wanted to share a post of what’s on my mind.. change!
they are very small but I think the small changes may make the biggest impact? It’s always good to switch things around, try new things, listen to your gut & see if you like these changes!
With that said, lately I’ve changed a few things around. Just because I am a creature of habit but I do get bored from it!

*     *     *

.. I think I ridden a bike more times than I can remember, its such a nice change of pace and form of cardio than my usually runs or hikes. I enjoy that it’s more laid back.


Speaking of cardio, Lately it’s the last thing on my to do list. AND I don’t even care. The bikes are where it’s at. The thought of running just sounds boring? And this is the best weather.. but it just doesn’t appeal to me right now. This will quickly change again! 😉

Workout routines have been including rest days! <– mostly on Tuesday and Thursdays. When I get home {much like today, I don’t feel the need to rush out} instead I honor my body & relax since I go from class –> to work.

Lifting & body weight exercises. Something I am still very new too. But I am loving the quick workouts & might I say… positive changes I see?! Nothing is better than a good workout session and some muscles!

Switching up my homework places. Usually it’s my local coffee shop which is just in town, but instead I’ve gone to Starbucks a few times!

My bed time snacks have changed- Which is usually yogurt. But as of lately it warm almond milk, some melted chocolate in there & cinnamon or  some cottage cheese with some of my favorite add ins!
photo (3)

My hair.. yesterday I decided to dye it. But with a reddish tint? BIG STEP and CHANGE for me. I am a pretty plain jane when it comes to beauty and what not.. this seemed like a big change for me 😀


Tell me, what’s something you’ve changed lately?



4 thoughts on “Tuesday thoughts: Small changes mean everything

  1. Your bed time snack sounds tasty! I have been incorporating more rest days and listening to my body a lot more lately. I also have been doing a ton of walking–Fall weather is perfect for that!

  2. I totally agree that sometimes the small things we change have the biggest, and most lasting effects. I think it’s awesome that you’re honoring what you want to do as far as exercise…doing what you want when you want (and choosing not to, if you don’t feel like it!) I’ve been doing the same lately and it’s an awesome feeling!

    P.S. I love the hair color! Totally fall-ish and a fun change!

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