MIMM: Pics from a low key weekend!

Hey guys! just popping in to say hello : ) hope you had a great weekend! This weekend was very low-key with work & homework and prepping of this coming Saturday’s wedding! I still have a few errands to run by then. Today I am getting my hair done, Wednesday is nails & Thursday is a spray tan! Woo!

We just got back from the mall, it’s a very dreary day around these parts. So I just popped a chocolate chip pumpkin bread in the oven.
Here are some marvelous items from the weekend & {some today!}
MiMM MIMM #70 with a Big Rubber Duck and Family Getaway!

{Marvelous is.. pumpkin creamer! OH YES!}

{ Marvelous is .. Beautiful fall leaves }

{Marvelous is .. Jay z + Justin = great duo!}

{Marvelous is .. eating sweet crepes!}

{Marvelous is .. a new breakfast muffin}

{Marvelous is .. lot’s of fall scents over at bath + body works}

{Marvelous is .. a mid day froyo treat}

{Marvelous is a home cooked meal and movie night}

{Marvelous is .. chocolate chip pumpkin bread<3}

{Marvelous is.. being cuddly with our fur baby}

Enjoy the rest of your marvelous Monday!

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