Friday Favorites: I spy lots of pumkin!

Hey! Happy Friday to you all! Hope you have a great weekend :), if you’re heading to Trader Joe’s this weekend & LOVE pumpkin anything like myself, check out this post! It was made for ya! 😀
picmonkey_image (9)

I was recently at Trader Joe’s and was in pumpkin heaven when I saw they have pumpkin for almost any meal. I know that last year they had lot’s of goodies { .. pumpkin ice cream, I’m talking to you 😉 } But for some reason this year seems like there’s more items! … all the more to fuel to my pumpkin addiction. Check out some of these awesome items! Some I have tried, and some I’m just getting my hands on…
{Perfect pumpkin fix on the go}
{Would be great with some hummus, peanut butter or tahini!}
{This will be baked by the end of the weekend.}
{… Need I say more !?}
{Perfect for your Greek yogurt}
{How about some cream cheese, cinnamon and this bagel.. what a combo!}
{or.. top your bagels with this, love this item!}
{Perfect fall dinner}
{Mmm.. so good with pie at thanksgiving!}

No lie, my head was spinning in there, I could have easily racked up the grocery bill with these items!
yum yum yum!

I am tot’s making the pumpkin bread this weekend though, have a craving to go with my pumpkin coffee!

Have you tried any of these items?
Are you a lover of pumpkin like myself?

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