MIMM: Bike rides, caramel apples + acron squash oh my!

Good Monday morning! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. As always.. it goes by way to fast, right?!
I’m looking forward to see what everyone did over their marvelous weekend, it always makes Monday seem not so bad πŸ˜‰

MiMM MIMM #69 A Special Day and More!

This weekend’s weather was oh so gorgeous, with the fall weather in the air.. there was definitely some fall flavors in my belly:)
here are some of the highlights:

Marvelous is.. taking in the beautiful weather & went for a bike ride at the park!


Marvelous is .. seeing that the leaves are starting to change : )IMG_6508

Marvelous is .. Breaking out the scarves!


Marvelous isΒ .. a new pair of nikes! I love a fresh pair of sneakers πŸ˜€IMG_6558

MarvelousΒ  is … National coffee day on Sunday! Thanks DD for my free small coffee.


National Coffee Day. A day to celebrate my ungodly addiction to coffee.

Marvelous is .. Making fall treats.


Marvelous is .. trying new fall flavors .. a roasted acorn squash, so good
with some salt, pepper + olive oil.

This weekend was filled with lots ofΒ  fall flavors and gorgeous weather, couldn’t ask for more… keep it’ coming πŸ˜€
Since it’s Monday, it’s time to get cracking on something’s for the week. First thing’s first, heading over to school.

Have a great Monday!

Check out what else is marvelous over on Katie’s blog! Someone in the family had a special day<3



6 thoughts on “MIMM: Bike rides, caramel apples + acron squash oh my!

  1. Gahhhhh those leaves! Your scarf! I’m so jealous πŸ™‚ I live in Tucson and it’s still in the 90s/100s here. Waiting on fall to catch up around here. And caramel apples!! The perfect fall treat.

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