Thursday Thoughts: One of THOSE list .. {9/26}

Hey there, just got home from class. Guess what.. my first accounting test was a success! I got an 85! woohoo 🙂 This is my worst subject. …But now  we started something completely new.. I am feeling un easy again. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.. I really want to keep at it!

* * *
Lately, I have one those lists hanging above my head. You know the one I’m talking about it. Really important things to you that you want to get done, but then OTHER important things get in the way of those important things 😦 My list really needs to get done. It’s irking me. I know we all have these!

Maybe if I share it .., things will start getting scratched off 😉 maybe?

– Organize all my fall clothes + put away summer clothes! This is one of my number one’s to get done. I want to have everything more organized, which will  help with making my morning choice of clothes before class a lot easier. Not that my leggings and booties isn’t always mixed together, not cutting it anymore.

– Manicure .. soon. I’m coming for ya. Trying to hold off for the wedding.


-Clean out car + wash. Tons of odds and ends in there. a good choice, but it would be great knowing where to find them 😉

-Hair colored, hopefully within the next week or two. Dying for change. get it?! 😉

-Bake an obscene amount, but with my school and work schedule.. wah!

-Write a speech for sis’s wedding {eeek!} This up there on the list, once this is complete, I will feel much better.

These types of list are the kind that once you scratch something off you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders!

What’s something that’s on your list?
have a great day

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