MIMM: Marvelous is .. & Happy anny to us!

Hi there! Good morning!

Hope you all had a marvelous weekend! Ours was pretty low-key but with lots of tasty food! and some didn’t even make it to a picture *cough cough cough * buffalo chicken dip that my sister made. ADDICTING. I went to bed last night full and pleased : )

Here are some marvelous happenings!

Marvelous is .. Brunching with the fam!
I haven’t had an omelet in so long, it was so good. Espixally some cheddar cheese in there.IMG_6391

Marvelous is .. getting stocked by Trader Joes


Marvelous is .. going for a bike ride.IMG_6395

Marvelous is .. gorgeous fall weather here in PA. Love it.IMG_6434

Marvelous is .. a yummy { and favorite dinner }IMG_6430{ stuffed peppers and potato medley }

Marvelous is .. Protein ballz! Love having these ready for a quick go & bite kind of thing.IMG_4654 
 Marvelous is ..
Celebrating our 3 years today!
Couldn’t imagine going through life with anyone else ❤
I love to celebrate love! Today is such a special day.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a marvelous Monday!
I know we will! I am going to study for a little lame, & then see where the day takes us!
Talk later : )



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