Thursday Thoughts: { 9/19 }

This week I haven’t had to much material to share, or get around to making a few things on my list. I feel like I’ve been doing lots of stuff, yet nothing to set in motion for on the blog. But, here are some thoughts that have been running through my mind!

1- Why did I eat that bread at lunch yesterday? My sister said.. “Don’t do it your going to have a stomache later”.. “It’s fine it’s fine” fast forward a few hours … swollen stomach!
^ Truth ^
 2- I haven’t had a good workout in DAYZ, make a week or so. The kind that leaves you weak or a workout high. I’ve been just kind of going through the motions and not breaking a sweat. It’s okay, I know it will pass! Just gotta get my mojo back.

3- I am glad that we’ve been walking outdoors alot though. The weather around here during this time of year is perfect.


4-Are we really going to be married 3 years, this coming week!? Where does time go?! TIME FLYS WHEN YOUR HAPPY 🙂


5- I am really excited that this coming October, all the sister’s will be reunited! My oldest sister hasn’t lived in Pennsylvania since before college! Finally all the gals + our boys will be able to hang more : )

6-Am I.. dare I say this, starting to like accounting?! Or maybe I’m just having a good week with it. OR NOT– just got back from class & feeling lost again.

7-To dye my hair this color, or not. That is the question !? 
untitled (2)

8-How is tomorrow already FRIDAY- this week was just one big whirlwind and same goes for this weekend probably.

9-I don’t care what anyone says.. resses cups taste BETTER in shapes.
 A tad random, but these thoughts have been floating around my head.

Off to work, hope it’s busy since the EAGLES are on!

What’s on your mind today?



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