19 Bella

Last night we finally tried our two friends, Jonathan & Danielle’s favorite restaurant. 19 Bella. For as long as I can remember, whenever we talked food & restaurants they always brought up this one particular place. Rustic, yes. Collected, yep. BYOB.. love it and tapas .. sign us up!


A few weeks ago, we planned that we would go on Monday. We were so excited to try it. My mouth watered while looking at the menu all day, as I tossed a few ideas around of what I may order.

When we arrived, we were greeted and were seated right away. Where they opened our bottles of wine and delivered their homemade bread & butter.
We looked over the menu & started ordering right away.

I really adored how every plate, glass and silverware was not identical. It really went well with the theme! A lot of it reminded me of some of my mom & dads antiques.


We shared about 10 plates total + a banana fosters as dessert!

The cheese platter was amazing with homemade honey {if you look close, you can see the honeycomb} it was out. of. this. world.


We also had: Smoked salmon, sautéed kale salad, fresh mozz & heirloom tomatoes, grilled eggplant with ricotta, shrimp with a mango salsa, crab cakes, lobster with a hollandaise sauce, & braised short rib. AMAZING.


I really appreciate all the love and work the owner puts into a place like this. We raved about everything. Sometimes that extra step of prepping homemade stuff, speaks VOLUMES.

The owner, who grew up going to dinner every Friday night { 19 bella } was actually his grandmothers house, where she whipped up some of the finest food. His parents would say “we’re going to dinner at 19 Bella St.” This is where his love for food and inspiration came from. Where he made his favorite place his own.


It was such a great dining experience & being with our friends to share it!

This is the type of place that I love. I wouldn’t say everything is completely farm to table.. but almost!

I can definitely say we will be back there, whether solo or sharing this awesome place
with friends! Plus the town of Skippack is super cute.. and there’s a bakery I must check out 😉

Do you like tapas? or one big meal?

Have a happy Tuesday!


What are your thoughts?

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