MIMM: Some highlights from the weekend { 9/16 }

MiMM MIMM #67 Just a Chill Kind of Weekend!Good morning, welcome to a new week! Hope you had a marvelous weekend. This weekend was more laid back with picking up an extra shift at work, homework, a nice walk with my mama & hanging with friends Sunday!

>> Here are some of the highlights: <<
Marvelous is.. the last of the bright colors, soon everything will be a golden color.. hello FALL

Marvelous is.. taking time to reflect in the day : )

Marvelous is .. my favorite place!

Marvelous is .. this yummy butternut squash with maple syrup!

Marvelous is this quote .. love it!

Marvelous is … a beautiful fall morning walk.

Marvelous is .. baby desserts! Hello baby tiramisu

Marvelous is.. a nice glass of wine after work.

Marvelous is.. playing scrabble with friends! { It got to intense, had to put it away 😉 }

That about sums up my laid back weekend, but managed to squeeze in time for
all the things I enjoy ❤

Off to go to some errands and a yummy dinner with fiends tonight!

Check out Katie’s blog to see what else is happening & marvelous.

Q: What’s something marvelous about your weekend?
Q: Do you enjoy to play board games still?

7 thoughts on “MIMM: Some highlights from the weekend { 9/16 }

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Can’t go wrong with a trip to Trader Joe’s. I love love love walking in the morning, especially in the fall! I am all about the wine and I seriously haven’t played Scrabble in foreverr! So much fun 🙂

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