Currently …. September addition

Hi guys! Happy Friday!
How’s your day going, or weekend looking?! Any football parties? hehe. Now that football is here, I know George will be watching the games a lot on Sunday’s… I really want to make a buffalo chicken dip!

I was  STILL am super sleepy this morning. I don’t know if it was the coffee I drank at 5pm yesterday at work, or the cookies my mom gave me {thanks for dessert!} But, I just couldn’t sleep last night. Hate that feeling! So, I took care of my sleepiness with an iced coffee from DD { savoring the last few times of iced coffee } & had myself a pumpkin muffin. IMG_6053
Since it’s the weekend, how about a currently post- I have seen them all over the blogosphere 🙂

Current book:
I would have to say all of my school books at the moment.

Current music:
I’ve been loving: Maroon 5 LOVE SOMEBODY & Katty perrys: ROAR.
Perfect windows down kinda music for the car.

Current guilty pleasure:
Looking at interest every night for some fall ideas and drooling over them !!! 🙂
Current drink:
My Coffee, I don’t know why I’m nursing it today.

Current food:
Currently snacking on a banana and PB. Pre lunch snack. I’m thinking of what I want …

Current show:
I stated before I was obsessed with OITNB { orange is the new black } which is on Netflix.. but since that’s been over I am catching up on Pretty Little Liars.. love it!

Current wish list:
New fall attire. Boots, sweaters, scarves. You name it. Plus some new Nikes. and maybe a much-needed mani.

Current triumphs:
This morning I got one of the problems I was working on, my face lit up a Christmas tree!

Current links:
Pinterest <– follow me!

Current needs:
Probably a second cup of coffee and a nap & shower before work.

Current indulgence:
This peanut butter and I have been attached at the hip. I just got it and I already made a mean dent in it! 🙂

Current outfit:
Leggings, sneakers, my diy tank top & bun. #uniform

Current excitement:
Looking forward to our 3 year anny! Not sure what we’re going to do, but a nice dinner is definitely in the works.

Current mood:
At this moment Definitely not feeling like my “go go go” self: but hey it’s okay!

Welp, like my current needs said: I better get on that second coffee & make some lunch before work tonight.
Happy weekend ❤


4 thoughts on “Currently …. September addition

  1. All my friends make fun of me for “nursing” my coffee all day long. I can’t help it! I like to make it last… Especially when it’s iced (also much easier to do when it’s black because.. ew) Also, you might catch me singing ROAR at the top of my lungs with the windows down. No shame here! Congrats on 3 years!!! 🙂

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