DIY workout tank top

Hey there! How’s your morning been?
I just got home from classes, I have a little bit of time in between getting to work, so I wanted to share a DIY project with you!

I’m sure many of you have tons and tons of t-shirts, that for one: aren’t your size. or two: jut sitting there. Because I
have countless countless countlessssssss shirts from over the years collected from visiting friends from school, getting them at sporting events, and so on. I recently got rid of many, but kept a few for some projects.

Yesterday I decided to put one of the thousands of shirts to use. An easy DIY project!picmonkey_image (13)

All you need is:

1- T shirt of your choice
2- Scissors

1- Lay the shirt on a flat surface and fold it together length wise.
2- Cut off { around } the collar of the shirt
3- Than proceed to the sleeves. Leave a good 2 inches for your shoulders. Cut off the sleeves
4- Trim the bottom of your shirt
5- Flip your new tank around to the backside and thread the bottom piece that you cut off & make a bow.
6- Fold your shirt one last time length wise & trim the bottom again, this time cutting across and slightly down so it’s a tad longer in the back.

Now… go workout in your new super cute tank! 😀

If need a visual, check this one out!

diy workout tank. doing this to my way-too-big tshirts!
Off to grab some lunch! Have a good rest of your afternoon.


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