MIMM: Kicking off September

Hi all!, happy labor day. Hope you’re enjoying your extra long weekend 🙂

Yesterday was the perfect day to kick off “FALL”, I know that summer technically lingers for another 20 days & the weather to go with it. but once September rolls around, I am more than ready to dive into fall!

MiMM MIMM #49 with Mothers Day Highlights

I couldn’t reset any longer & made myself a pumpkin smoothie in the morning  This is just the start .. I have my eyes on a few other pumpkin things 🙂

* * *

A little after noon, we set off to Manayunk which is just outside the city. We have been saying that we wanted to walk around down there and yesterday was the perfect day.

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It was definitely a longer walk than we expected. Before we knew it, we coming up on Boat house row and the art museum. Which was about 4 miles from where we parked. Ooops : )  When approaching the museum we heard the MADE IN AMERICA concert going on, so we took advantage to walk along the museum’s beautiful property. IMG_5961
{ I love philly }

We couldn’t see the bands, but could definitely hear them. Maybe next year we will get tickets!

Since we knew we we’re little far away from the car, instead of sticking around we decided to head back… only because I didn’t want to become hangry 😉

IMG_5950 Before we left the house George mentioned a Greek place that got some good reviews. Whenever we hear that, we always set out to try it. It was good .. but nothing beats a true Greek Gyro from Greece, with the French fries inside of the sandwich 😀

IMG_5981 {George in his glory} We munched on a big ol Greek salad, chicken gyros, grape leaves & some hummus + pita. A perfect spread after our walk.

We felt nourished and more energized, so it was time for something sweet.

Happy as a clam

Happy as a clam

 We walked into *Ndulge, which was a cupcake boutique. The cupcakes looked all so beautiful. We chose Peanut butter {obvi} and a dark chocolate pistachio with a pistachio cream feeling. So good!

We browsed around a few more shops before calling it quits. Where we headed home to end the evening relaxing on the couch & finishing those cupcakes : )

It was a great way to spend the first day of September and welcome a new season.
Fall is one of my favorites + SEPTEMBER. Our wedding month, yay! ❤

Enjoy your day!

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