{WIAW} My standard breakfast routine

Hi lovelies!

Happy hump day! How’s it going? I’ve been running around all morning, getting some things together for this weekend, {weeee!} I can’t wait. I’m trying to get a majority of things done so Friday I can just pack 😎 I can’t wait to lounge with the girls at the pool all day Saturday, possibly try gambling & celebrate my sista! 😀

I thought today for WIAW {thanks jenn for letting us share our foodie pics!} Thought I’d share my { morning breakfast routine } it’s been pretty much the same thing for quite awhile.
But, hey it’s so darn good!

Let’s get too it!

Every morning, I wake up and guzzle some water, followed by coffee. That’s a no brainer 😉
^ My little coffee station ^
I’ve been really enjoying this So delicious creamers, so smooth and sweet! love it!

While drinking my coffee I start to cook my oats, & cut up whatever fruit is in season to go along with some oats.
I usually eat half of it while waiting & put the other half in oats.

Today was a juicy peach : )

…. These are my leading contenders who are the star of the show & help highlight the oats!
^coconut oil, honey, vanilla, cinnamon & peanut butter^

>> ** Missing: Chia seeds & coconut shreds **

Not all of them go into the oats, but depending on my mood I like to toss a wide range of these to make the flavor more robust!

The final product:
Sweet from honey, juicy from the pear, & filling from the oats itself & the peanut butter.

I started to really like the oats this past semester when I had an early class and I realized I had to bring something with me for that first class. I would prepare them the night before & microwave them right before leaving. Everyday is a different variation and I love how versatile they can be!

Yesterday’s were …
With blueberries, a sweet potato, & peanut butter! Always keeping my breakfast on it’s “toes”!

What’s your breakfast routine? Is it always changing?

I used to always have “yogurt bowls” but now that’s usually my night time snack : )
& when we go out to brunch that’s when I usually have something different.

Enjoy your day!

5 thoughts on “{WIAW} My standard breakfast routine

  1. I love your oat station! What a great idea. I usually go in breakfast phases. Sometimes oats for like 2 weeks, then I get bored and switch it up. Lately I have been loving “zeggs”! So delicious and satisfying!

    • I tend to go through phases too! for some reason the oats have stuck! Last week I was on a smoothie kick EVERYDAY this week. Not so much! Haha. I am always looking to try new things, zeggs sounds good! I love eggs and zucchini!

  2. I’m with ya on your drink routine in the morning! I always chug a good amount of water and have my cup o’ Jo :D. It’s one of my comforting rituals haha! I usually either have oats, english muffins, or yogurts bowls for breakfast.

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