MIMM: Showers of happiness! Cassidy’s bridal shower*

Good morning! Welcome to a new and refreshed week!
Hope you had a fabulous weekend : )

Yesterday we had Cassidy’s bridal shower! and what better way than to link up, share & spread some marvelous with the rest of the MIMM gang!

MiMM MIMM #63 with Family Night, Froyo, and More!

We had a BQQ summer style food which included cheese burger sliders, buffalo chicken sliders, homemade mac + cheese, sweet potato fries, & mixed green salad. There was a mason jar overload { our favorites } between the vases + décor,  beautiful sunflowers + sweets! All around, this families favorites ;-)!

.. Here are some highlights! ..

{My sissy bride + me}
{My favorite: cupcake brownies! With homemade pb frosting :-D}
{Menu for the day} EAT – DRINK – & BE MARRIED
{The yummy cake! Showers of happiness <3}
{Mason jar drink glasses which were also favors :)}
{Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.}

Everything turned out great! Between my mom, Courtney & myself, we are all so pleased. Especially Cassidy! Anything for our sister. It was definitely showers of happiness ❤ It was so nice to see a lot of her friends from childhood. Whom I’ve also known for a long time now {Insert little sister following them around everywhere} haha.

Next stop
…. next weekend Atlantic City for her bachelorette! YAY!

I’m off to my mama’s right now to say goodbye to my aunt who was here for the weekend, than hopefully a productive yet chill day!

Have a great day!

Much love xx

Don’t forget. you can always check out what else is marvelous over on Katie’s blog, plus see what everyone else is sharing!

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