One of those beautiful days + What’s in your basket?

Good morning!

I’m enjoying some coffee over here, a light bite & than hopefully a hike this morning!

Before diving into some fun finds at TJs this week, let’s back up to yesterday.

… Which was gorgeous around these parts! The type of morning when you wake up & can FEEL the beauty beaming from the sun.
You know what I’m talking about.

I baked a chocolate chip banana bread to bring with me when I went to visit Jenna, as well as got a few things in order around here.
Around 230 I decided to take some time to get outdoors. With a nice walk around the neighborhood & a little circuit workout.IMG_5473
I could already tell by the way was hitting & shadows that fall is near!

Later in the evening, I set out to go to Jenna’s new house! {Fun fact: growing up, we would walk to each others houses. We didn’t live in the same neighborhood but we both lived on the corner of our development which lead to the main road and the connection of our developments!}


Her new place is gorgeous! And her having an eye for interior decorating has already paid off, the rooms are gorgeous! We talked for hours, drank wine & had some Chinese and just lounged on her new comfy furniture : ) The type of stuff you do with your best friend.

Also, the highlight to the night
HONORED! She asked me back in May but yesterday gave me this sweet little gift with a pearl & diamond ring on the inside.
So sweet<3

*  *  *
Alrighty, without further ado, here are this weeks fun highlights from Trader Joes:

1– Smooth & Mellow blend-I was looking for something simple, yet tasty.
I tried a flavor the other week and I really didn’t enjoy it. I wanted to just have plain coffee &
add in my own flavors- this coffee is the perfect one to do so! Not to strong, not to light.. just right : )

2- Spanakopita- which a Greek pastry or “spinach pie”
When we do make Greek dishes, it usually takes along time. So for when that craving hits
a simple solution is to have these around!
3-Lemon zest luna bar- coming from a girl who usually chose’s the peanut butter or smore’s one,
this is a nice flavor! I love the sweet and zesty flavor!
4- Dark chocolate w/ toffee, walnuts + pecans… Need I say more?
Probably my favorite chcoc bar so far.
5-Herloim tomatoes- I love the mix, colors & flavors of each of these! Great for tossing into a salad.

What’s something fun in your basket this week?!

Off to go for a little hike! Have a beautiful day xx

2 thoughts on “One of those beautiful days + What’s in your basket?

  1. I got some great flavored pastas from Trader Joes (see my last blog post) but don’t know what recipes to use cooking them. Any suggestions?

    • Mmmm. that looks delish! I always love to use simple ingredients when it comes to pasta, each items brings out the flavor of each other so well. Any of those would taste great with: garlic, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts. Or even a simple lemon wine sauce, tossed with spinach and chicken! xx

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