MIMM 8/12 Marvelous is ….

Hi guys!

Happy Monday… errr.. almost Tuesday!. I just home and was catching up on all of your fabulous blogs<3!
Not only did today fly by but this week will too! We have Cassidy’s bridal shower this Sunday, so each day I have a little big to do list of things to get done! I can’t wait, especially for the food… : )
MiMM MIMM #63 with Family Night, Froyo, and More!

Here are a few marvelous things for today!

Marvelous is .. catching up with friends and using a polaroid! 🙂

Marvelous is.. eating breakfast in bed.
Marvelous is .. Making a new favorite smoothie for everyone.
Marvelous is .. Smooth + mellow Trader Joes coffee .. yum!
Marvelous is .. finding bits of love in everyday.
Marvelous is .. buying local produce.
Marvelous is .. a new Essie color! { Mint Candy Apple }
What’s marvelous in your Monday?!

Have a great night. xx

What are your thoughts?

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