Friday: Random Happenings! 8/9

Hello weekend!

Happy Friday to all you. What’s your weekend looking like?
Tonight I have to work & than meeting my sister & Brain out after for his birthday! Both our boys are LEOS!

Since it’s the weekend. How about a fun post of some random happenings.

1- Cassidy’s wedding is this October, for our dresses, she said we could
wear any style-as long as it was gray & long. Here are the most recent runner ups.
I think I know which one I like, but… to make it fun which would you chose?!


2- I just finished {Orange is the new black}
It is on Netflix, it’s about a girl who has to go to jail and about all her
encounters, it’s actually very funny!
Photo: Sums it up ;)

^I know I am not the only one^

3-Yoga: I love you, and glad we’re starting to reconnect, slowly…
I love the energy my teacher has, her music rocks + I always leave rejuvenated! WIN.

4- Wine, hummus & grapes are the best combo.
Wednesday after yoga, I went to Larissa’s for our favorite spread.

5- I finally caught up on the bachelorette
I was really disappointed in the way she was acting. I am glad she chose Chris, but I felt a bad vibe from the way she was acting the whole time. if she didn’t really “love” Chris, I think she should have walked away.

6- Even on the go, my breakfast is usually the same. OIAJ #2 this week. Obsessed.

7- & sometimes, you just need the coffee with the little green straw, because it’s just one of those sleepy days!

Alrighty, have a fabulous weekend!

Which dress would you chose? 1, 2 or 3?



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