Thursday Thoughts: Just squat it

Just squat it.



Hard work pays off and sometimes it takes longer than you anticipate but once you start seeing results, it pushes you more to get to your goal. Whatever it could be! In life, in relationships, jobs, etc. Things don’t come naturally unless you work for it : )

In my case, I’m talking about squats today. Something I’ve never really done until recently. If I had to pick something on my body which I liked, I’d say my legs. but, I never have/ had anything to back up the legs 😉

By doing a lot of squats, I have recently noticed that I am getting a boooooty! Nothing crazy, not going to go buy apple bottom jeans 😉 But, I will feel more confident in clothing. And that’s what I like! Confidence is key and feeling good in your skin is super important.

Here are some of my favorite:
Squat jump
Squats with weight
Pile squat
Back lunges with bicep curl
& Kettle ball swings!

* Some days I make up a little circuit workout with these & do it a few times through*

Squatting not only gets your legs + booty, but back and arms as well.

So, get squatting! Remember, everything takes time. But whatever your working towards.. will be worth it!


What are your thoughts?

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