WIAW: Goat cheese + jam {plum} Nann pizza

Since it’s Wednesday and we’re half way through the week,
how about a WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY addition~
Displaying a new fruity nann pizza!
Can we just say that…Goat cheese, honey & jam were made.for.each.other.

That combo never gets old {to me} and always finding ways to use those flavors together.
Whether its a salad, sandwich, what have you.. I LOVE IT.

My newest combo:
Picture perfect
ec63e70d434067203052c755e01cbe1e (2)

1 piece of Nann bread
1-2 plum{s}
Jam of your choice
Goat cheese



Spread a thin but generous layer of  goat cheese across the whole nann bread
Place slices of plum on top
Take a few tablespoons of jam & distribute it throughout the nann
Drizzle with honey

Place in the broiler until golden brown {5 – 7 minutes } *Keep an eye on it*

Sit back, watch the flavors bake & mesh well together.. enjoy.

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