Hello AUGUST + why do you exersise?

Happy august 1st everyone!

Hello August
I love august for a few reasons. It’s like a ticking clock that summer is almost over,  so you gotta do the the things now until next year. It gives me that “back to school feeling” where I kind of love/ hate it.. when I need to start getting things together but also want to soak up the day. Also, you can tell that fall is around the corner when the days are still warm but nights become somewhat chiller :  )

A few highlights for august:

*Georges birthday {Saturday}

* Cassidy’s Bridal Shower
* Cassidy’s Bachelorette in AC! I’m excited, I’ve never been!

LAST semester woop woop

* * *

Tuesday, Meg wrote a post about why do you exercise? WHY. What is it that makes you want to exercise.

Here’s why I exercise:

– If I am in a bad mood: lace up my sneakers, put on my headphones & hit the pavement.
Stressed from school: give me an hour in a yoga class and let me free my mind.

Both of those are mentally for me. There’s nothing better than releasing & excepting new endorphins. I like to put that first, because I always feel better after releasing those emotions.

Secondly, strength. I want to feel and look strong. Lifting weights is something I have come to be more involved with.
I used to do more machines at the gym but didn’t really follow through with the workout. Now, I do free weights and enjoy it!
I love the strength I feel, the power & fueling myself properly after a good workout. I feel fierce 😀

Working out is truly one of the greatest things. Our bodies are miraculous and strong. And working out not only improves the body but also the mind.

*Head over to meg’s post where she talks about GPP fitness, it sounds like the perfect balance of mind body & soul!

*What are looking forward to this august?!


What are your thoughts?

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