Liking the change + pain in my feet

Good morning, happy hump day.

I have already taken a hike, had breakfast & brewed coffee {AT HOME.. what a change}

Every morning I have a routine of running out to get an iced coffee, coming home to start reading blogs, breakfast, & then a workout squeeze in there before work.

Today was the opposite. Workout first { a light 2 mile hike } followed by breakfast.

I really am not a morning person, but have come to find I enjoy my mornings. There is something so peaceful. Especially these past few days and the perfect weather. I want to enjoy it!

Pre hike fuel

Pre hike fuel



Oats- with blueberries, almond butter, trail mix + crumbled blueberry muffin


Love it!

*      *      *
On Monday I went to the Drs, since I have been having a lot of pain on my feet + ankles. I googled my symptoms {OF COURSE} and came up with plantar fasciitis… I wasn’t sure but I kind of fit the category since every morning I wake up and hurts to walk.. It is not that, but he said that from running outside/ my foots friction I must be irritating it and lightly bruising the tops. Eeek.

I have been taking it super easy. Monday was yoga and this morning a nice light hike. He didn’t say I shouldn’t workout but I have taken it upon myself to listen to my body and rest. I wouldn’t want it to turn any more serious.

1- I got insoles for shoes which seem to help so far
2- New sneakers may need to be second choice for better support

What are your favorite sneakers for comfort?

Have a great day!

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