Hey! A little update… my former blog name {Cakes and Beans} is now A PIECE OF CAIT.

Piece Of Cait is what I originally had planned on calling my blog.
Long story short, my sister & I were going to blog together and came up with the name “Cakes and Beans”
OUR two favorite things. We wanted a joint name.
I love that name. I’m sure I will use it with something to do with recipes.
But, I feel as if I need to go back to the original plan since I have been solo.

Piece of cait is still my daily musings, rambles, life, sweets, greens, health & fitness! Just a NAME CHANGE.
But coming from a PART of me. kind of like a piece of CAKE…


Froyo year round for me.. hence the winter jacket 😉

Because everyone knows how much I love CAKE : ) I light up when I see sweets!

Thanks for reading & understanding why I changed the name! I am making the process turning everything into piece of cait.




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