New workout & prepping for the Cape

Hey hey. Good afternoon to you! Hope your having a fantastic week.

This week is flying! I am loving it. We’ve had lots of pool time, grilling & spending time with friends. Perfecto! {.. as my mom would say ;-)}
I also tried a new workout this week which I had to share. I love short effective workouts which leave you feeling weak 😉

picmonkey_image (6)

* * *

^Mango & coconut^
^Cocktails & snacks with Larissa^

^Tuna steak with a three bean salad^

*    *    *    *

Also getting ready to leave for the cape on Saturday.



George, myself, my sister {Courtney} & her husband Danny are leaving Saturday night after work. We should be there Sunday morning in time for the beach : )

For preparation:

Like Maine’s trip, I made the oat bars. This time substituting coconut oil with the margarine. they taste FANTASTIC!
 >> NOTE* They are a little more flakey, but they taste buttery without the butter… if that makes sense!? <<


Ever since we were little girls, we’ve been going to the Cape. Beach days, packed sandwiches, going to the ice cream stand every day, making sand castles, finding sand dollars, mini golf, walking the jette, whale watching, Nantucket, .. you name it! Now that we’re older our time there is definitely  cut short. But we savor every moment. I am looking forward to parking my booty at the end of the water with a book for a couple of days 😎 Although it’s a far haul… there is no place like it<3

This also brings me to beach lunches/ snacking:

My dad always packs us sandwiches, but I also like some other healthy alterative snacks to munch on instead of the usual CHIPS.
I like something refreshing, cool & crisp.

  • Strawberries
  • Yogurt
  • Grapes
  • Trail Mix
  • Small package of hummus
  • Carrots
  • Ice tea

What’s your favorite beach snack?
Do you and your family have a vacation spot that you go to every year?

Have a great day!



5 thoughts on “New workout & prepping for the Cape

  1. Pool time, friends, and the grill are absolute must haves for the summer! Glad you’re enjoying them to their fullest :). Great workout! I couldn’t agree more about loving the weak feeling after a tough workout. It’s the best haha!

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