Suffering from bloating..

No one likes to deal with it.

Not when it’s after a big meal, that time of the month, or one too many holiday cookies.
Dealing with bloating is! No one knows what it’s like unless they’ve felt your pain.


I bring this up today because the past few days I’ve been dealing with some stomach issues. Anything I eat is making my stomach blow up. It is not fun. A year ago or so I started noticing certain foods {cereal, pasta, certain bread & meats were making my stomach swell up} so with trail and error I slowly started eliminating those & swapping in things in place of them. {cereal became = oats}

But these past few days, I can’t quit put my finger on what’s making me feel the way I do. Is it the heat? Not watching what I eat at work.. {fries & garlic knots} possibly that time of the month.. I have done pretty well with listening to my body, giving it what it wants when it wants it & listening to its ques.

So I am hoping that maybe I just gotta let whatever the damage is .. pass.

So until then, when you are bloated, all you can do is continue to do what you normally would.
Start with a breakfast that has fiber

  •  Drink water and lots of it!
    *add lemon, mint & cucs into it.


  • Eat ! ! ! I know, you feel full. But you’re really not. It’s air.
  • Enzymes/ probiotic <– they help break down food in intensities
  • Add more potassium to your diet
  • Eliminate salt
  • Leafy greens
  • Tea: peppermint or dandelion


  • Exercise
  • Try to not stress about it

It is really frustrating, so I hope it passes! I hate to feel sluggish.

Has anyone else dealt with bloating for more than one day?



4 thoughts on “Suffering from bloating..

  1. Ugh feeling bloated is the worst. Fortunately, I don’t feel it to often, but when I do I am the crabbiest crab that ever crabbed. Salty soups usually are the culprit for me. I hope you start feeling better, and great tips! I’m not a tea drinker, but it’s interesting that dandelion can help!

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