MIMM: Grilling at the tiki bar!

Good morning and welcome to a new week! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend.
MiMM MIMM #58 Getting Out and About!

My weekend included work, but also some play time too! Sunday was the highlight. We went to the tiki bar for the first time..

We started the morning out with a 30 minute jog. It was super hot, but we ran the whole time. At a slow pace.. yes, but without stopping.

followed by hitting the pool immediately….

Mom & George.. mermaids {or merman} loving the water!

We stayed at the pool for an hour plus, looking through magazines, talking about food, {big foodies over here} our favorite chocolate, & discussing when our next family pot lock would be. We love doing those!

We came across this veggie burger in food & wine. It looks DELISH.

*Has anyone ever made HOMEMADE veggie burgers? Is it easy? Hard? a pain? I would love to try!*

With a quick shower, summer dress & a bun .. we were out the door & meeting my sister & Brian for dinner at The Tiki Bar.

They have been a few times and it was our first so I was excited to try it out! They have a huge grill, and you get to pick what you want to grill for dinner. Shrimp skewers, steak, alligator, salmon, etc…

IMG_4707We went for shrimp & steak kabobs.

While you place your food on the grill you can just hang out, relax, & have a drink.

your choice of the 2 kabobs also comes with a side salad & baked potato!


The landscape was beautiful since during the winter people do ski there. Hills, ponds, lights strung everywhere.
Perfect setting for a summer night spent with your favorites : )
^& something to scratch off the bucket list.. those would
be OYSTER SHOTS. Yep. It’s just some vodka, the oyster & tobacco!^

It was a lot of fun to spend time with the family, laughing non stop & having a beautiful evening.

NEXT week George & I will be able to hang out with my other sister Courtney & Danny at the cape! I love sister & brother-in-law time<3

Today is another 90*+ day, so it looks like it’s going to be another pool day & maybe some of our own grilling at home tonight.
Happy Monday!

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