What’s in your basket? {TJ finds this week}

Trader Joes is my favorite. I’m sure I’ve said it once or twice, & along the road I’ll probably mention it again. But really!

I love going there with what I want/ need in mind, but also picking up new things which perhaps become my new essential item, ya know?
.. you catch my drift ..

essentials: {always in the basket}
sparkling water
& some kind of chocolate

But onto some fun items : )

Almond butter I have been eating {& loving} the planters pb with granola & banana. but when I saw this on the shelf, I knew that I wanted a lil almond butter to switch on and off to.
Mmm nothing better


Horseradish hummus
I love hummus… but horseradish. Not crazy about it. YET I did pick it up to try & already love the flavor it has.
just the right bite to it.


Quinoa & black bean tortilla chips. We already fell in love with these last week & had to get them again! #1, they are GF certified
and #2 they are going ever so well with the salsa kick were on lately!


Last but not least..

These are Trader Joes “semi” mini sweet potatoes. I love having these around. An easy side to accompany lunch & also putting them in the oven to make sweet potato fries for dinner. Very great to have around!


What’s in your basket this week? Something old or new?

Do you love trader joes? / or what’s your favorite grocery store.


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