Coping with a bad mood.

Yesterday was one of those days where I spent time trying to get somewhere & got no where. It was frustrating to say the least.
I am not all that tech savvy when it comes to computer stuff , but I had tried to become self hosted. I spent time in the afternoon to do research/ purchase/ and take the next step. But then I got confused with the emails, new passwords, etc! :-/8ed34dd78fdc71bc788e9dff6c2a0670
To get my mind off of things, George made us an early dinner {steak, veggies & potatoes} and then asked if I wanted to step away from the computer & go to the outlets, a little bit of ice-cream followed by a 2 mile jog around our neighborhood.af9f74c0fd6bc5c50a7d49664553e205


Long story short.. I hope my wordpress blog stays, but I did get rid of the host, because I feel like I need a little more research or patience!

Here are other ways to cope with a bad mood:

 -Take a walk
  -Bake something yummy
  -Treat yourself to some ice cream or froyo
  -Listen to music
  -Go to a yoga class
  -Try a craft
  -Bubble bath
  -Read outside

Today I am feeling much better! I’m kind of upset I let that get to me.  But hey… it’s ok! 🙂
It’s a new day 🙂

I just had breakfast {oats/ berries/ pb/ coconut}, going to digest & than off to do a workout before work.


Q O T D:

  • How do you cope with a bad mood?
  • If your self hosted- did you do it yourself or have someone transfer everything?

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